Mid-West Planning District


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Administrative Coordinator - Summer Student (Job Description)

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Mid-West Planning District has been granted authority from the province to permit and do inspections/site audits for ALL types and sizes of buildings.

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April 17 & 18 - Staff Seminar - MBOA


New Building Code in effect January 1, 2024.

Read our Policy on implementation of the use of the new Code.



A Conditional Use does not equal a building or development permit. Once you receive an approval for a Conditional Use, you will still need to apply for and be granted either a development or building permit before you can action the Conditional Use.

Mid-West Planning District is located in western Manitoba and has four member municipalities.
(Rural Municipality of Ellice-Archie, Prairie View Municipality, Hamiota Municipality and Rural Municipality of Oakview)

The Planning District regulates all building in the municipalities and is responsible for building inspections, permits (development, building, plumbing, demolition, occupancy), planning (conditional uses, variances, rezoning), zoning memorandums, and fire prevention inspections.