MWPD Development Plan

The board of a planning district is responsible for preparing a development plan for the planning district.

A development plan is a statement of the board’s policies respecting future development.  It is the basic tool for land use planning, which will guide land use controls in the zoning by-law and development related decisions of the board or council.  The development plan also guides other development processes such as the subdivision approval process.

A development plan helps to ensure compatibility of neighbouring land uses, effective management of natural resources, preservation of natural and heritage resources, the appropriate mix of development, cost-effective and timely delivery of infrastructure services, protection of surface and ground water and sustainable economic and community growth.

What is a Development Plan?

  • Sets out objectives and policies for physical, social, environmental and economic development
  • Directs the sustainable development of the planning area
  • Includes Policy Maps and Statements of Objectives
  • Includes Measures for implementing the Plan
Why is a Development Plan Important?
  • Create a shared vision for the future and set out objectives for the community
  • Integrate physical, social, economic and environmental objectives
  • Provide for sustainable land use and community development
  • Ensure effective use of land and infrastructure
  • Protect natural and heritage resources
  • Minimize land use conflict