Large Scale Livestock Conditional Use


The Planning Act sets out the process for handling an application to approve a Conditional Use for a livestock operation involving 300 or more animal units. The Council having jurisdiction may consider it appropriate to impose conditions on the proposed use in order to ensure that it will be acceptable at the proposed location. 


Before a Municipal Council considers a Conditional Use application for a new or expanding large livestock operation (300 or more animal units), the livestock producer is required to complete a Site Assessment Form with the Province of Manitoba and follow a process outlined in the Technical Review Committee (TRC) Regulation under The Planning Act. The completed Site Assessment Form is reviewed by the Municipal Council, Provincial departments, and the public. 

No sooner than 30 days after receiving the Technical Review Committee report, Council will hold a Conditional Use hearing open to the public. 

After holding the hearing, Council must make an “order” respecting its decision. It can reject the application, or it can approve the application if: 

a) the Technical Review Committee has determined, based on the available information, that the proposed operation will not create a risk to health, safety or the environment, or that any risk can be minimized through the use of appropriate practices, measures and safeguards; and 

b) the proposed operation:

  • will be compatible with the general nature of the surrounding area;
  • will not be detrimental to the health or general welfare of people living or working in the surrounding area, or negatively affect other properties or potential development in the surrounding area; and
  • is generally consistent with the applicable provisions of the development plan by-law, the zoning by-law and any secondary plan by-law. 

The large-scale livestock Conditional Use process takes approximately 4-6 months from the date of submission of a complete application to the date of a Public Hearing. To confirm the timeline for your application, please contact us. 

For more information on the Livestock Technical Review process, please visit the Province’s website located here:


Application Requirements To initiate a large-scale livestock Conditional Use application, the following application requirements must be submitted to the MWPD:

Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.