A subdivision is the splitting of a parcel of land described on a certificate of title. A subdivision occurs when a single land title is split into two or more parts, property boundaries are rearranged, or a lease, mortgage or other instrument is registered that has the effect of subdividing the parcel. With a few exceptions, a subdivision must be approved under The Planning Act before it can be accepted for registration at The Property Registry.

Subdivision process is a key tool for managing development. Subdivisions must be approved by both the Municipal Council and the subdivision Approving Authority. Approving Authority is delegated to the Regional Managers and the Boards of five planning districts.

Subdivisions must conform to:

  • the Development Plan in effect for the jurisdiction in which the subdivision is located
  • the provisions of the district-wide or individual municipal zoning by-law in effect for the jurisdiction in which the subdivision is located
  • the Provincial Subdivision Regulations – MR. 137/2006.

The Province is Responsible for:

  • Adopting the Provincial Planning Regulation MR. 87/2011
  • Reviewing and Approving Municipal and District Development Plans
  • Approving Subdivisions


The following is a general outline of the standard subdivision approval process:

  • The applicant submits their application, a subdivision application map and supporting information to the office of the approving authority: the Community & Brandon Regional Planning Branch (CRP)

Manitoba Local Government – Community & Regional Planning Email:

General Inquiry 204-726-6267
Peter Andersen (Planner)  204-726-7414

  • The planner reviews the subdivision application for completeness and circulates the application to government departments and agencies. Government departments and agencies have 20 days to provide comments.
  • The planner reviews comments and prepares a Planning Report with recommendations for municipal council.
  • Council approves the subdivision application with or without conditions, or rejects the application.
  • If Council approves the subdivision, the approving authority may issue a conditional approval letter and send it to the applicant. If council approves the application despite outstanding objections from any government department or agency that cannot be resolved, the approving authority may reject the application.
  • The conditional approval letter is divided into two parts: requirements and conditions. It is the applicant’s responsibility to complete all tasks listed in both parts.
  • Once the applicant has completed the requirements and conditions, the approving authority issues the Certificate of Approval and returns the approved plan to the applicant.
  • The applicant submits the Certificate of Approval and approved plan to the Land Titles Office (LTO) for registration.

The subdivision process takes approximately 6 months from the date of submission of a complete subdivision application to the date of Conditional Approval (if approved by Council and the MWPD Board). Upon issuance of the Conditional Approval letter, applicants have 24 months to fulfill all conditions.

For more information on the subdivision process, please review the Province’s Planning Resource Guide for Subdivisions in Manitoba.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Conditionally approved subdivisions may be subject to municipal capital lot levies. To confirm applicable capital lot levy amounts for your proposed subdivision, please contact the municipality in which the subdivision is proposed.


Below is the link to the subdivision application with Community Planning.

Subdivision Application